What are the diseases caused by domestic dogs?

Animals can generally transmit many diseases to people, including dogs of course. What diseases can domestic dogs transmit to humans? What should be done in the case of domestic dog breeding? What methods and methods of treatment and serums are given to these pets to avoid disease?
Diseases caused by domestic dogs
Rabies is transmitted to people through the saliva of the infected dog, whether the dog’s bite is scratched in the body of the owner or through the biceps, a type of virus called the rabies virus, which can resist cooling for a long time. If the virus is exposed to boiling or to the sun and drought, Using topical antiseptics used in wound cleansing is a 100% fatal disease if not treated. If the symptoms of this disease appear, the chance of survival of the person from death is rare, because it causes severe inflammation in the central nervous system in the brain. This disease is an animal origin, meaning that it moves from one animal to another It moves from the Heart to people
Learn about rabies
Symptoms of rabies Sharp pain in the place of entry of the virus or biteMark involuntary muscle movements of the personHeated body temperatureHigh difficulties in palpitations and nervous crampsPresses sharply in the muscles of the jaw and throat and throat
The worm lives inside the intestines of the dog. The eggs of this worm go out with the dog’s droppings. When this dog is chewing it in its tongue, these eggs move to its mouth. When it takes water or food from a pot, it moves these eggs to the bottom. In this case the pot must be washed with strong antiseptics to eliminate these eggs Worms should not be passed on to people around you. Do not eat any foods in the container where the dog eats or drinks. Do not share house dogs. Food with family. Do not kiss dogs or get close to mouth. Prevent children from talking to the dog’s mouth.
The worm eggs are easily transmitted to the hands of the dog owners, by touching the dog’s saliva or any other method. They are then transferred to the person’s stomach, mature and get rid of the small worms and infiltrate into the blood and fluid, spread throughout the body and reach the liver, grow in the body organs, give birth to many other eggs and grow inside the organ.
 Which can reach the bag of embryos in this member to a large volume in this case called disease ‘water cystic disease’ or ‘water vesicles’ risk that this disease in the heart muscle and in the case of arrival to the head in these cases is necessary surgical intervention to remove the bags of embryos Of these members The embryos may cause serious complications on the organ in which these embryos have been settled. 
This causes the destruction of vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, lung and nervous system. If these vesicles burst during surgery, they cause a kind of excessive sensitivity or irritation that can cause significant shock to the circulatory system. Life of the patient at risk of death.

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