Types of hunting dogs

Types of hunting dogs
Is one of the types of dogs that are used to help man in the fishing operations, and there are several types developed from these dogs to suit the various functions, and the main categories include German dogs, dogs,

dogs and nuts, and among these categories there are more divisions that are made Based on the dog’s own skills. These dogs need special care and attention; they are not like domestic pet dogs who only eat, drink and house, but need other things to be suitable and ready for fishing and to endure the hardships.

Types of hunting dogs
There are many types of hunting dogs of the most famous [2] dog Aljawas, a type of two baskets, one of the optical dog and the other of the working dogs, which is used for two purposes; one fishing and the other work, and characterized by its ability to endurance. Saluki dog is one of the older breeds of Hunting dogs, so that his job lies in commenting and research, in addition to being involved in many fishing and hunting competitions organized by fishermen and gamblers. The deer hunting dog, a breed of large Scottish dogs, is used to track and search for red deer for hunting.

Flushing, a dog
that has been used for hundreds of years in fishing, is still used by people for its high ability to find prey that has been hunted and still alive. The dog is a dog with a great ability to swim; Dogs can bring prey from far distances and even if they have fallen into the water ponds. The German Marking Dog is one of the breeds used to locate fishing by barking and tracking from long distances, so that the fisherman points to prey easily, a For foxes

Types rely on the senses in hunting
The visual hound is known for its sharpness and speed, also known as the ‘stalker’. The prey is often seen from a distance and hunts and continues to hunt until it kills it. It has the ability to operate quickly and quietly, It is also known for its independent nature.

The hunting dog is a hunting dog, which is hunted primarily by smell, and is often used for training or killing. These dogs chase the prey with groups and drive the hunters towards the prey to end the process by killing them. Some of these breeds have a great ability to The bark is loud and powerful and is used when following the odor trail. The Retreaver dog is a hunting dog. It is used to search for the prey that was shot by the gun by the hunter. This dog tracks its effect and smells blood to bring it back to the animal.

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