The world’s largest dogs

The largest dog breeds have been known for their strength,

 virility and ability to cope with the hardships of work. This has encouraged many people to acquire larger dogs to guard and protect the house and family members from potential thieves and predators, Cattle, and hunting, the following are mentioned to some of the world’s largest dogs and illustrate their uses.

The Danish dog is great for the Danish dog. 

The Danish dog is very big in size for other dogs. It also has a beautiful, elegant exterior that gives it a royal and luxurious look, as well as its courage, enthusiasm and friendly printing. The first breeds of this dog are German origin and have been combined with Mastiff breeds from Ireland and England to produce this large and long breed of dogs. The great Danish dog has long, thin legs that make it the longest dog in the world.

The dogs of the Mastiff Mastiff are known to be the largest dogs of weight and size. 

The breed originates from southern Italy, where it has been tamed and used in guarding. Its large size has helped keep thieves and predators away from the facilities used to guard them. Inches up to 30 inches, while the weight ranges between 60 kg to 70 kg, in addition to his high skills to infiltrate behind the intruders and the intruders and grab them instead of barking and howling to scare them away

Scottish deer dog

The origins of Scottish deer dog back to Scotland belong to the list of long and limp dogs, which contributed greatly to its use in deer hunting in particular because of its high speed in attacking the prey and its ability to put and drop motionless, but the height ranges from 28 inches Up to 30 inches and weighing up to about 50 kg, and does not use a deer dog in the guard because of its nature friendly and nice with all those who deal with them of humans and animals, except in some cases where it is provoked and attacked by other animals.

Irish Wolfhound This type of dog

 has been used for hundreds of years in Ireland, a large, tall dog with a height of 34 inches and a weight of 50 kg. It is also widely used for hunting and guarding.

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