The most dangerous dogs of the world

The dog is considered to be the best friend of man and is used by humans for various purposes such as hunting and guarding. All dogs are considered to be one of the most dangerous, especially those dogs that have not received socialization and proper care known by their violent and aggressive nature. ,

In this article will tell you about the most dangerous types of dogs in the world, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Center for Disease Control in the United States, has been monitored 10 types of dangerous dog breeds, we will mention the dogs that occupy the first four grades In terms of risk.

Pit Bulls The pitbull originates in the United States of America. 

It weighs approximately 30-55 pounds and is 18.22 inches long. It comes first in terms of gravity and ferocity. Its competitor is not allowed to survive, He was described as being born to fight and has many victims, whether from animals or humans. He was prevented from raising him in France. He imposed restrictions on his travel and raised insurance rates.

Rottweilers Rottweilers originated in Germany, 

weighing about 85-110 pounds and 23-27 inches in length, and comes in the second most dangerous afterputball. It is characterized by its large body and large mouth, which has strong jaws and full teeth. Used during World War I and II for transportation, guarding, search and rescue, and first aid transfer. He is characterized by obedience to orders and diligence at work. He has a great skill in swimming. He is distinguished by his love for children. Rob Weiler’s weak point is his tail.

German shepherd (German Shepherd) 

The German Shepherd is born in Germany and weighs approximately 70-85 lbs. (22-26) inches, and comes in third in terms of gravity. He is famous for his upright position. He has two round eyes and a strong jaw, Its speed, intelligence, strength and ease of taming can be used to track criminals and police dogs and to detect contraband as drugs. Its average age is 7-10 years and is very popular around the world.

Husky The Siberian Haski originates from Cyrillia,

 weighing about 35-55 lbs (20-24) inches, and comes in fourth in terms of gravity. It is characterized by activity and intelligence. It likes to live in groups of its descendants. It resembles wolves More than dogs in terms of printing. Its membership is deadly. It used to transport goods in polar regions where they live in such weather conditions.

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