Specifications of San Bernard dogs

San Bernard dogs
San Bernard’s dogs are rare and powerful dogs that do not adapt to the warm atmosphere. They are classified as large dogs that belong to the sheep herding dogs in the Swiss mountains. They are important in saving missing travelers and Alpine people who have trouble crossing snowy passages near The San Bernardino Guesthouse, in this age, some are trained for rescue during the avalanches, and the other is being raised as a companion and a pet at home.
The History of the Origin of St. Bernard’s Dogs
Is one of the very old breeds and descends from the Mastiff dogs of Tibet. It originated two thousand years ago when the Romans brought them to the Alps. It emerged a thousand years later in the guesthouse of Saint Bernard de Menton near the great Saint Bernard Pass, and its decline due to natural disasters. That the monks of the guest house had hybridized Mastiff dogs with Danish dannabis and prairie dogs. Over time, the breed developed and a new form of San Bernard’s dogs emerged, most notably seventeenth-century dogs famous for saving humans in snowy mountains.
San Bernese dog specificationsSpecific specifications
Her body is large, with an average height of female body 65 cm, height of the body of 70 cm, and the weight of 50 kg to 70 kg. Her head is huge and wide. Her head is long and rectangular. The ears are hanging aside. Her hips are long and high, and her teeth strong. They are characterized by long body, which is covered by a thick fur and thick medium length, and a wavy and whitewashed whitewiten color of fur between the color of white, and the color of the skin, Orange, and red. There are dark spots For the color in the area of ​​the head and around the eyes, as well as in the chest area. It is characterized by deep chest, long tail.The average age is 8 years.
The dogs are slow-moving and quiet in nature. Do not get angry quickly. They are very social and patient dogs and very obedient. Their high intelligence, despite the shape of their eyes, responds with great ability. It is considered fierce if it has not been nurtured and trained since its inception
Breeding dogs of San Bernard
Are expensive dogs in terms of purchase price. It begins to raise them from the young age until the human beings when they grow up. Large quantities of food and medicines must be provided; they need larger doses of small dog doses.There should be periodic medical examinations. Or a large area of ​​†u003c†u003cthe house, it is not fit to live in an apartment. You need to wash almost daily, and comb her hair repeatedly. When taking a picnic, it is preferred to be transported by a large car, and in the case of hiking prefer long walks for her daily.

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