Protecting your dog chihuahua from the sun

If like the human being, dogs enjoy the sun baths, they are threatened if they are exposed to it at length. UV and Heat are a lot of dangers for our canine companions. How can they be effectively protected?
The beautiful days also announce a lot of potential mishaps for our 4-legged friends. If we suffer from the evils of the sun and the heat, these are just as dangerous for our dogs, which do not always have the possibility to shelter them.
Unfortunately, it often happens to see dogs locked in cars in the middle of summer, suffocating because of the infernal heat that reigns in the cockpits despite the parted windows. We also see owners leaving their dogs tied up in the garden under the sun, without them being able to get in the shade. The impact of solar rays and heat on their health is severe. It can be deadly in some cases (skin cancer). We must therefore protect our dogs from these dangers.
Our dogs also suffer from the heat
If we are more or less able to withstand the heat through good regulation of our body temperature, our dogs have more trouble in this area. We perspire to allow our organism to maintain an acceptable temperature, while our dogs do so mostly through their mouths.
The breeds with low coats more exposed …

Some dogs are more vulnerable than others in the face of the sun’s mischief. The fur-like breeds, such as the Weimar Braque, the Bull Terrier, the Beagle, the Dalmatian or the German mastiff, have the skin more exposed to sunlight, the coat constituting the main protection against the latter. The risks of skin cancer are therefore very high in these dogs.

In addition, the canine breeds called brachycephalic (shortened skull dogs, with a crushed nose profile) suffer more from the heat due to their breathing difficulties. This is the case with some English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pug and Beijingers, among others.
The sunscreen for Dogs

To protect dogs that are particularly sensitive to sunlight, such as those with very short hair, you can opt for sunscreen specially designed for our canine friends.

They are to be applied particularly on the nose, ears and areas with low pigmentation.
Avoid prolonged exposures

Regardless of the breed of the dog, but also its age and state of health, you should always avoid exposing them at length to the sun. They must be able to benefit from shady places at any time of the day.

Never leave them locked in the car, under any pretext whatsoever. The temperature in the cockpit is always more than several degrees at the ambient. In the summer, it can turn into a real furnace, even with the windows partially lowered.
Water, its main ally

The water allows it to cool down and rehydrate at will. It must be able to dispose of a bowl of fresh water permanently. Its contents are to be renewed regularly during the day.

When it is extremely hot, do not hesitate to moisten the dog with a cloth soaked in water.

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