Protect your dog Chihuahua from the cold

In winter, we are not the only ones who have to be protected from the cold. Our dogs also need to be safe from the harms of Mercury falls. A few simple gestures allow them to be guarded against the dangers of low temperatures.

Although they have a more or less thick coat, our dogs can suffer from the cold weather and suffer the consequences. When the thermometer comes down and the winter falls with its against, we have a duty to protect our canine companions from its effects. What are the most sensitive dogs in the cold? How to protect them effectively? Here are some tips on how to keep your friends ‘ health on four legs, especially when it’s cold.
More armed dogs than others in the cold

It is obvious that not all dogs are on a par with the cold. Some are much better protected from temperature drops, thanks to their thick fur, which is often double in long-haired breeds (cover coat and undercoat). Tow or sled dogs, like the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute and the Samoyed, have a long, dense hair that gives them excellent protection.

It is for this reason that they evolve under the snow and the great cold, without great difficulty. Other dogs such as the Caucasian Shepherd and the Tibetan mastiff are also well armed against the cold. On the other hand, the short-or ras-haired breeds (Greyhound, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Pitbull, German Mastiff …) bear much less low temperature and must therefore benefit from additional protection.
The dog’s age and state of health also determine its resistance to cold: a puppy or an elderly dog is more vulnerable than an adult in full possession of his or her means.
Make them wear warm clothes

In times of great cold, it becomes necessary to cover his dog to preserve his organism. There are many models of coats on the market that are specially designed for canine gents. The choice is very varied and sizes are suitable for different types of dogs.
In case of snow or ice, dog slippers may also be necessary. Animals called to evolve at length on these frozen surfaces are likely to suffer from lesions in the pads, which are then to be dressed. The application of a protective balm or Vaseline on the pads is also recommended. The protective measures for the legs are all the more indispensable as the roads and sidewalks covered by snow or icy are salted by the road services, it attacking also the bearings.
Adapt the outputs

During the cold winter days it is advisable to shorten the walks without cancelling them. If the dog does not have to be deprived of his daily outing allowing him to spend, to do his needs, to be stimulated and to aerate, we will ensure that he is less exposed to the harms of the cold by reducing the duration.

After the short walk, you can compensate by playing more with your pet inside.

And above all, think about wiping it well and dry it back out, especially its paws.


Readjust their power

To better withstand the cold, your dog needs a more protein-and calorie-rich diet. Generally, it is recommended that the amount of daily food given to dogs living outdoors be increased by one-quarter.

In the case of water, the plastic bowls will be preferred to stainless steel models, because in the first the liquid freezes less quickly.



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