How can I make my dog ​​obey me?

 are pets and useful to humans in many areas; some are used for guarding, including for hunting, or guarding sheep and livestock, or tow carts, and despite the diversity of dogs in terms of shape and size, but they all belong to the dog species, Dogs are wolves, foxes, and jackals, and are the wolves ‘wolves’ pet dogs that have been roaming Europe, Asia and North America, and have been dehydrated for more than 14,000 years,
The second advantage is the wide variation in their characteristics. The height of the Irish wolf dog is 99.1 cm, while the height of the Chihuahua dog is 15.2 cm, The length of Yorkshire terrier hair can be up to 61 cm, while the bald Mexican dog lacks hair
Dog breeds
There are more than 300 known breeds of dogs in the world, which can be divided into seven main groups depending on the purpose of their breeding. These groups are [1] oxar dogs are breeding dogs; for hunting rats and rats. Hunting dogs such as the Norwegian dog, 
Non-sports dogs are dogs characterized by their beloved character, such as the Lhasa Abbesso dog. Working dogs such as the Saint Bernard dog are characterized by sharp intelligence and the ability to do some functions, such as guarding, pulling skis, and rescue. Dog puppies include a group of dogs Small size, like Dog Almtai.clab cattle used these dogs to drive cattle, guarding animals grazing, such as shepherd dogs Alostrala.alclab sports such as dog Poynter, used these dogs for hunting.
Get ready for a dog
Before making a decision to have a dog in the house, be sure to: (3) have the ability and time to care for the dog, train him on different skills, and meet his needs. Choose the right dog for the family, in terms of level of activity, and kindness in dealing with children
Dog Needs
The dogs need to be fed at a year or more to one meal a day or two small meals. The meals should be balanced. The dogs can feed the soup, canned food, cheese, cooked eggs, fruits, vegetables, Dogs may be fed by human food, but in limited quantities; they cause obesity, bone and dental problems, and should avoid feeding dogs alcohol, avocado, bread, and beverages containing caffeine, chocolates, garlic, onions, grapes or raisins
Exercise and games
Dogs need activity and movement; to burn calories, maintain health, avoid boredom that leads to bad behaviors, and play games meet many of the instinctive drives of dogs, such as drilling, chopping, chewing, chasing
Cleanliness Dogs do not need to shower more than a few times a year, and the brush can be used to comb her hair, and comb for cleaning it from fleas and ticks
A quiet, cozy and comfortable place as well as a cage or sleeping area with blankets; to protect it from the cold, a dish, a drinking bowl, chewing toys, a ring and a leash.
Methods of training dogs to obey
You should start by training puppies on good behavior and skills early, and general rules on the dog to abide by, such as not to sit on furniture, and not to tamper with things, and obey orders, and this is following the following steps
Give your dog a specific name
When a dog is given a specific name, the name should be repeated more than once during play or training. If the dog responds to the call, it must be commended and given a reward. The name can then be used to draw attention to it.

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