Haski dogs

Husky is a breed of working dogs,
 a medium-sized muscular dog, dating back thousands of years in Siberia. It has two weather-resistant skins that have been used over the centuries and have been known to be genial and loyal to people.
 (Chukchi) in Siberia; they were used for skiing, escorts, and camels. The breed was brought to Alaska from 1909 for dog racing, and is about 51-61 cm long, while weighing about 16-27 kg, It features multiple colors such as gray,
 or reddish brown Or black, white, also has markings on the head appear like a cover or mask, in addition to that have been maintained this strain pure for hundreds of years in Siberia, and I knew her intelligence and mood Latif, [2] The average age between 12-15 years
Haski diet Haski dogs 
are raised on small amounts of food compared to the amount of food needed by some breeds of similar size, and therefore should be provided two meals a day for Haski dogs, so that the meal contains a cup of dry food for dogs, and depends on the needs of the dog for food size, Average activity, age, and many other factors. Therefore, the weight of the dog must be controlled to prevent obesity.
The Haski dog
is characterized by thick, thick and coarse hair, while the inner layer is softer, so it can withstand very low temperatures. However, this dense hair is uncomfortable in hot climates, and the fur of this dog is relatively small During most days of the year, these fur fall more often for about three weeks

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