Groom her chihuahua

It is important to regularly grooming your Chihuahua, not only for reasons of aesthetics and smell but also to get rid of the knots and hair matted (if he is long-haired). During the toilet.you will have the opportunity to detect some problems such as the appearance of lumps, infections, cuts or irritations of the skin due to ticks and fleas. Finally, it is an opportunity to take stock of the State of health of your dog.Therefore consider her toilet as a way to practice preventive care. You guessed it, is not a luxury to wash on a regular basis. Here are the points and the steps to groom your Chihuahua effectively:
The brushing of the Chihuahua.

With a short haired Chihuahua, it is quite simple. From time to time, brush it with a glove, a slicker brush or a soft bristle brush. We recommend brushing once a week in order to detect the presence of ticks or fleas.

Long-haired Chihuahuas must be brushed on a more regular basis, one or two times a week. Use a soft-bristled brush and a metal comb to avoid the appearance of the nodes. An important rule is to brush your Chihuahua before the bath, and then right after the bath. If you do not, you will have much more difficult to remove the nodes.
The skin
When brushing your Chihuahua, look carefully his skin to see if it is not infected, red or dry. Look, too, if you don’t find ticks or fleas. In the case where you find ticks or fleas, use pliers to ticks that can be found in pet store or in supermarkets. 
Bathe her Chihuahua.

Bathe your Chihuahua as often as necessary. Once a month is enough if it doesn’t get dirty a lot and if he doesn’t smell too bad. If it gets dirty often or he feels, then you can bathe him every week or every two weeks. Here are some tips for bathing your Chihuahua:

– First of all, consider buying a non-slip mat in your bathtub. This will prevent your pet from sliding and to skid. He’ll feel more at ease and it will be easier to wash.
–  Pay attention to the temperature of the water and use warm water.
-Do not take a human shampoo but buy in a special for dogs. This is important because otherwise you are going to dry out of your dog’s coat.

  -Start the shampoo by around his neck and then then down her body. a towel.

    – Make sure you do not put soapy water in his eyes and ears.

     The rinsing is important: take time to well do it thoroughly to avoid itching and dryness of the skin.

The ears and the eyes.
These two areas are important to check because they can easily become infected. The ears should not feel bad, if you used to feel your dog to this place you will feel immediately when there is a funny smell. Look if there is no deposit of fat or pus. To clean his ears, use a special product that found among veterinarians or pet stores. Soak a piece of cotton with this product and clean inside his ear. Do not put too much product either because the inside of his ear should stay dry.Make sure not to go too deep into the ear canal. To clean his eyes, take a piece of cotton slightly wet with water and remove the deposits and small droppings. In case of infection of the ears or eyes, consult a vet.
Cut the claws of your Chihuahua

We must cut the claws of your Chihuahua regularly because they grow as our own nails. Do not do or let them grow will be unpleasant for you and your dog. To cut, use small scissors or a special Cup-claws for dogs.Be sure to cut only the tip of its claws to avoid cutting his vein.

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