Go on holiday with your dog Chihuahua

We’d all have a dog to take him everywhere and especially in our most enjoyable moments for us, namely: our holiday!
Yes, but here, there are a few things to take into consideration and especially to prepare before leaving with his dog on vacation.

List all the important points to be expected and before you go on the road with his dog in the form of 6 tips.

Tip 1: accommodation allowed dogs 
well Yes, it would be unfortunate to arrive after several hours of travel and end up having to get a Kennel nearby emergency because the place you have chosen does not finally accept our friends the dogs.Feel free to enquire in advance and check the information with those responsible for the accommodation. You can also appeal to specialized sites which list different holiday destinations where dogs are allowed.
Tip 2: provide the transportation of your dog
 if you plan to travel by car, nothing more simple. Your dog must be in transport case, attached to the belt or in the trunk with a net that separates it from the back seat of the car.These are the three possibilities you have in order to drive safely, whether for your dog or yourself. In addition, don’t forget to stop regularly to allow your dog to drink and run to spend his energy.
If you plan to travel by train, there are different requirements depending on the weight of your dog: if it weighs less 6 kg, it must travel in a bag or carrying case, and if it weighs more than 6 kg, it must be muzzled and kept on a leash all at the lo NG of the journey.
You plan to travel by plane, if you previously informed the company that you choose on the regulation of the appropriate transport crates because they are specific, particularly in terms of security.
Moreover, for any solutions that you choose, always prefer the comfort of your dog. If he stressed whether by car, train or plane, feel free to consult your veterinarian so that he prescribe your dog suitable treatment to soothe it during transport. Finally, remember,If you have the possibility, to always offer your dog what to drink, especially if the trip is long.

Tip  3: plan the necessary equipment
 I advise you to take the usual basket of your dog or, at least, a plaid or blanket on which he used to lie so that it has a minimum of landmarks on his arrival in the new the environment that you will propose him.
Don’t forget the usual material of walk: leash, harness (for mountain hikes or walks by the sea), collar (with a medal where your phone number if fugue appears).
Remember to take with you your dog nuggets or, at least, check that a specialty store sells those you usually give. Yes, because your dog will probably not like change of kibble without transition.The change of environment could already bring him some intestinal discomfort, don’t add not with a change in diet.
The small tip and more: from experience, do not forget your ‘poop bags ‘… Yes, believe me, when we walk in tourist locations and our dear Doggie found no better than to contribute to the building by leaving something to remember, this is not very convenient to give this present to remember invade the nostrils and the soles passers-by.
Tip 4: health, it’s all very important,
 do not forget the health of your pet in case of problems book on-site. So, the vet you are watching will have all the information that will be needed to treat your dog.
Also, before you leave, check that your dog is up to date of its vaccines with your regular veterinarian.
Tip  5: make sure your dog is sociable.

If you plan to leave in a very touristic place or you have to Bill go you to places where there will be more or less large crowds, I invite you to already check the sociability of your dog. Do this gradually, if your dog is the country: in a village, in a small town, in a small market, then in a more frequent market etc.

Tip  6: enjoy! 
Finally, I will conclude by advising you at any cost, and this is by far the most important advice, to make the most of your holiday with your pet. We can say, the holiday without our faithful companions do not have the same taste,not the same flavor and we often wish we could not take them with us. And if this year we threw our vacation with our dogs?

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