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Choose a high-quality dry dog food. We’ll help you choose the proper diet for your Chihuahua dog to keep it looking good and healthy all his life. With many food choices, it may be hard for you to choose which foods best for your dog Chihuahua. So, you’ll find dry food contains 30 to 35% protein. [3] because of that diet rich in salts that contribute to problems Kidney stone and attack small dogs, you should choose a small dog food salts. [4] consult a veterinarian or kennel Chihuahua professional to obtain additional recommendations regarding high-quality dry dog food.

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Don’t overload the feed dog Chihuahua. Obesity is a problem boss I have dogs Chihuahua. [5] might lead you lively chihuahua dogs personality and full of activity to feed her more than you need, which may cause her excessive obesity. [6] never feed the recommended amount on food bag, but also learn assessment of its size and weight control. If you must regularly check Monday; in the case of acquired
Weight, reducing its food intake by five to ten percent.
Because small chihuahua dogs can even leftovers on the table or dining rewards that adds a huge number of calories to your daily diet, which can lead to obesity in the end. [7] overload can lead to serious health problems, such as an abnormal growth of bones and skin problems and arthritis today.
And heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. [8] for the amount of food you feed to a dog Chihuahua that affect several factors, such as age and rate of activity and specific medical needs. So, talk to your veterinarian if you weren’t sure about the amount of food you should feed your dog.
Know what things you should not feed it to your dog. Don’t feed your dog human food, namely food table. [9] of human foods that you should avoid specifically processed meats (such as Bacon and smoked meat) and dairy products, chocolate, grapes and onions. [10] 
Dairy products can cause diarrhea for dogs. [11] grapes toxic to dogs and causes high output failure. [12] the onion can cause damage to red blood cells when the dogs. [13] also toxic chocolate dogs, causing signs as diarrhea, hyperactivity and shivers. [14]
Place your Chihuahua dog food table. As dog Chihuahua has a small stomach, if you eat large amounts at once. So, it is recommended that daily meals. You might need a tiny chihuahua dogs (less than 1.5; [ L) to feed her by repeatedly every four hours. [15] as for the eldest, Chihuahua dogs can eat two or three times a day. [16]
Will rely to feed your dog also count his age and level of activity and health needs. [17] try different feed tables to select the best for you and your Chihuahua dog.
Instead of feeding your dog at the same time every day, feed it over a period of time. This will prevent Chihuahua from becoming very demanding feeding time. [18]
Let your Chihuahua eats for 15 to 20 minutes, and keep other dogs away during the time of eating; so don’t feel that Chihuahua dog to defend his meal. [19]

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