Educating a chihuahua

Educating her Chihuahua represents a real challenge, it is why some teachers choose not to or fail never really. You may think that it didn’t matter because in the end it is so small that you can always anyway control it. In reality, it is fake. Your Chihuahua needs to be educated and guided to become a pleasant dog. In summary, your dog must be educated and introduced. If this is already the case for your dog, you will not necessarily want to take her to a dog training course. These courses are not required, but you will still need to spend the time to educate yourself your Chihuahua. Here are the things to know so to educate your dog:
Start training your dog from day one.

The first thing to teach him is to do his business outside. Once you have acquired this skill, you can teach him other things.
When you try to teach your chihuahua of new orders, do it in an effective way:

 -Learn it the new order in a quiet home, without distractions.
-Reward him with treats and hugs when answering your order correctly.
He will understand that he did something good and makes you happy. Make short education sessions in order not to annoy him and to have his attention.
-Le processus d’éducation canine nécessite de la patience et de la persévérance. Au quotidien cela veut dire ne pas baisser la garde et ne pas laisser votre Chihuahua faire n’importe quoi. Votre petit chien vous testera et fera tout pour vous ignorer, ne pas suivre vos ordres ou vous encouragera à jouer au lieu de suivre vos ordres. Vous devez lui montrer qui est le maître.
-Your orders must be given in a Word, not a sentence. Otherwise your dog won’t understand what he should do. For example, instead of saying ‘come here’ say firmly « come, »name your dog ».

 -The tone of your voice is very important: it must be authoritative when you give an order – your chihuahua needs to understand that you are serious and that he has interest in you obey.

    Don’t be aggressive with your dog when you teach something. If he does not follow your instructions, say ‘no’ nicely, and don’t give him no reward. Then repeat from the beginning to what he understands (without for as much spending hours – try 4 or 5 times in a row, and if that doesn’t work no repeat later in the day or the next day).

Stay understanding. If you have requested your dog to come and he comes to you in flipping something by the way, don’t scold. Praise him for coming to you, because he obeyed you. If you scold him, he won’t understand that it is because of the inverted object. If you scold him, he won’t understand that it is because of being overthrown. One thing at a time at the beginning! Gradually you can make him understand things more subtle but not at the beginning.

     After the cleanliness, the second order to teach your dog is ‘sit’, then then it will not « move », then « Just » and finally « slept ». Once all of these orders will be assimilated by your chihuahua, it is already essentially. You decide if you want to teach him other things.

Educating her Chihuahua oneself is therefore possible but we must constantly remain the master of the situation and strengthen the obedience of the dog way that obey you become natural for him. Once you have these skills, you can live with confidence with your Chihuahua and spend quality time with him.

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