Dogs are fierce

Dogs are ferocious
There are more than 400 breeds of dogs of different size and form, all of which originate in the gray wolf that was drowned more than 12,000 years ago. Although there are no definite details of the development of dogs, humans have benefited from the natural characteristics of the first dogs, Which were sharp and strong, then developed these instincts and created new strains as needed or desired. [1] Many people suffer from fear of dogs and describe them as ferocious animals,

while others see the dog as a true friend of man, Opinion and that we find who describes certain strains only of the August as fierce, by virtue of their nature, or training that you receive to perform certain tasks, Kaharash, or work in the military and criminal areas.

Dogs are fierce
The most famous types of dogs are aggressive and aggressive. Chow Chow is a dog that is 17-20 inches tall and weighs between 20.4 and 31.8 kilograms. It is one of the oldest known dog breeds and has been used for hunting But some historians believe that this breed was specially adapted to defend the temples in China, Mongolia and Tibet. It is said to have participated in Mongol wars against China and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, so it is no wonder that it was included in the list. The dogs are the most ferocious, no wonder they are longer Dogs are ideal for guarding. Chao Chao dogs are focused

And it is known that she may prefer a family member without the rest of the family. Any joke of this preferred person may be considered a threat to attack. Its aggression is the attack of cats, dogs of the same sex, and children, and strangers may bite without sufficient warning. , And can fight to death, which are dogs that are difficult to train, because they attack their trainers, so they need a lot of patience, and caution in dealing with them so that their coach can be transformed into dogs of love and sincere.

German shepherd dog, or German Shepherd
German Shepherd The German Shepherd breed appeared in the early 20th century, and as its name suggests, it was hybridized to sheep grazing, but it proved its loyalty to the human being and its training so it was used as police dogs, search and rescue teams, wars, guardianship, service, To encourage patients to improve. The dog is famous for its strong ties with its owners, but it should not be underestimated. This huge dog, with a male weight of 36.3 kg and a height of 25 inches, has a frightening appearance. It is also fierce, loving to show hegemony if allowed, But he is different from Chao Chao’s dog that he gives enough warnings before deciding to attack when he feels threatened.

American Pit Bull
Terrier has adapted to breed large animals such as oxen and bears, and has been used by humans in many illegal violent practices, such as the use of slaughterhouses to control bulls so that butchers can slaughter them, fight dog fights to death, and drug traffickers They were able to attack police during raids on their dens and were also used for grazing.

When dealing with petpoles, one must be careful not to forget the fact that they are fighting dogs. They do not hesitate to attack. They do not accept abuse even those that may be unintentionally issued by children. They also prepare strangers and other dogs as a source of threat and deal with them on this basis. Banning their breeding in many countries. Pitbulls are chunky, muscular, 18-24 inches high and weigh 13.6-27.2 kg. They are high in energy and need training so they do not consume enough energy to damage everything they can reach.

Doberman Pinschers
A fierce breed of intelligence and agility, developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberma in the 19th century to protect him in the exercise of his profession of collecting taxes in dangerous neighborhoods. This dog has become an ideal guard dog and police force used worldwide, Used by US Marines during the Second World War, Dupermann is known as the most dog attacking other dogs and that he needs rigorous training to be able to distinguish between the real threat or the threat he imagines in the strangers he encounters.

Small and medium-sized dogs, which have been developed from predators used for hunting, have a strong sense of smell. They are now used as service dogs to help police search for drugs and smuggled food. These dogs need training to neutralize their aggressiveness and desire to impose their hegemony. By attacking anyone trying to take anything from them, a behavior may lead to greater problems if not corrected.
The dachshund dog breed was developed mainly for the hunting of badger animals and was also used to hunt foxes, wild boars, and wild animals. Although they are not currently used in hunting, they still retain their former characteristics. They are aggressive, solid, and not afraid. That her property is threatened, so she attacks children who are trying to take her games, she is stubborn, loves to dominate, and is difficult to train, and attack strangers, and other dogs, and more that it may bite, or attack owners.
The size of the small Chihuahua may not be indicative of its aggressiveness. It weighs no more than 1.8 kilograms, but is known for attacking children, strangers and other dogs, and being stubborn and difficult to train.
Jack Russell Terrier
Active dogs with high energy and love to play. They were hybridized more than 200 years ago to hunt small animals. They were then raised as pets in the house. They can be trained to perform tricks and tasks that require a lot of energy. They are very aggressive towards other dogs. Other than their size.
Yorkshire Terrier
In the middle of the 19th century, the Yorkshire Terrier was hybridized to kill piles of clothing factories and mining plants. It was also used to hunt animals such as the badger. Although it has been raised as a pet inside the house, it still retains the characteristics of the hunter and attacks prey. About size, as it does not correspond to dogs that belong to the same lineage, especially if they are of the same sex, as it is a lot of barking on children and strangers, and has its aggressive reach to their biceps.

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