Dangerous Food for Dog Chihuahua

If dogs can eat just about anything, there are foods that never give them, because putting their health, or even their lives, at risk.

Your dog’s diet should certainly not be taken lightly. It must be adapted to its race or type, to its size and special situation (female in pregnancy or lactating, overweight dog or following treatment …). In any case, there are a number of foods that should not be given. Dangerous to his health, some may even be deadly. Some of this list of 12 foods to be banned for your dog may even surprise you.
Chocolate and caffeine

You used to give your dog a square of chocolate because he made your eyes soft? This is a gesture that certainly starts with a good intention, but can be fatal.

Chocolate is, indeed, a real poison for our four-legged friends. In question, the theobromine that it contains and which is very bad for the dog’s heart activity. Digestive disorders (vomiting, diarrhea), hyperactivity and irregular heartbeats can be caused by the consumption of chocolate by the dog, which may even die.

The same is the same for caffeine, because the latter is excessively soliciting central and cardiac nervous systems.
Cooked bones and small bones

Well known, our doggies love spending hours chewing a bone. Only you should not give any to yours. Small bones, such as chicken, are dangerous. The bones cooked in general are also for the same reason: debris can be detached from it, causing lesions in the walls of the dog’s digestive system, suffocating it or remaining stuck in its mouth.

The egg white

Unlike the egg yolk, which can be given to the dog, the white one is to be avoided. It contains a protein called Avidin which, by attaching itself to vitamin B8, alters its assimilation by the organism and thus causes a serious deficiency. Vitamin B8, or biotin, is indispensable for the metabolism of proteins and fats.
The Raw potato

Cooked, the potato can quite be consumed by your dog. This is not the case of the raw potato, which is toxic, because it contains calcium oxalate. This insoluble ionic crystal is likely to attack its urinary tract.

The lawyer

Avocado meat is toxic to dogs. Consumed by the latter, it can cause important digestive disorders: pain, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite. It can also cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) and cardiovascular disorders giving rise to oedema or effusions.
Cow’s milk
It is the lactose contained in the cow’s milk that is implicated. Like some human beings, dogs are intolerant to this lactose, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Paradoxically, puppies are better protected against this carbohydrate, as their organism is home to an enzyme called lactase that facilitates digestion.
Canned tuna

Canned tuna contains a lot of salt. Consumed by the dog, it can damage its kidneys and promote heart problems.
The onions

Onions, but also its cousins of the genus Allium, garlic and leek, contain sulfur compounds that can destroy red blood cells. As a result, the transport of oxygen into the blood is altered.
These foods should not be given to your dog, whether raw or cooked.

Whether it is fresh or dried fruit, the grapes are also part of the food that is dangerous for the dog.

They are toxic to their body, especially for their kidneys. To date, the poisonous principle has not yet been accurately identified. On the other hand, it is known that 4 grams of raisin per kilo (of the weight of the animal) are sufficient to cause the death of a dog. The same is the same for 20 grams of fresh grape per kilo.

Fats, preservatives and salt present in bulk in salted meats, hams and other deli products are dangerous to your dog’s health. The excess salt can, in fact, deregulate its water requirements and encourage the formation of important digestive gases, sources of pain and sometimes likely to cause death.

Some species of wild mushrooms can poison us. It is the same for our dog friends, who are just as vulnerable to this type of danger. The liver and the nervous system of the animal can be attacked after consuming.

Just a tiny bit of alcohol to alter your dog’s condition and behavior. At high doses, it can cause major disturbances in the central nervous system and cardiac functions. which can lead to the death of the animal.

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