constipation dog Chihuahua

If your dog complains when he poops, or if he is unable to defecate normally, he may be constipated. Indeed, this gastrointestinal problem also affects our canine friends and should be treated with the greatest vigilance!

So how can we detect that her pet is constipated, what are the symptoms that characterize this disease, what are its causes and especially how to treat?

Constipation in dogs is not simple to detect and diagnose, not only because the master is not always present when the animal made its needs, but alsoecause the symptoms of this disease can be confused with other health problems.

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How to diagnose constipation in your dog?

Which should alert you that is the pain your pet feels when he defecates, he groaned.s’il force ou s’il cherche plusieurs endroits pour se soulager, alors, ces agissements peuvent être les premiers signes de constipation. Lorsqu’il parvient à faire ses selles, souvent après plusieurs essais, pensez à vérifier si elles sont anormalement dures.
Worry, to also be able to determine if the constipation is temporary or real. To do this, watch him more possible your pet and if after 36 hours he can’t satisfy his needs, consult a vet.

What are the causes of constipation?
Some habits of your dog can ease constipation contraction and make your pet more vulnerable to the disease.

– Physical inactivity: an animal that lives in an apartment, which is spent little and leaves little time for a walk in the day, is used to hold and therefore be constipated more easily.
– The quality of the food: it is paramount, because the croquettes and the low range block are much less easy to digest for your pet.

– The small amount of water: water is essential to help your pet to digest, especially when it is powered with croquettes. Also, consider to put a large bowl of cold water and change it often.
– A gastric problem: some anomalies and obstructions in the intestines of your dog can lead to the appearanceconstipation.

How to treat your pet and avoid that from happening?

In case of severe constipation, your veterinarian will prescribe your dog to the type of laxative drugs to help to relieve and relieve genes that cause constipation.

If the situation improves and your pet happens to defecate, consider to adopt new habits to prevent the resurgence of this disease.

  –  Increase the pace of the walks.
  – Prefer cakes that make digestion easier and give your dog more small amounts of food per meal.
  -Remove the bones to your dog’s diet, as they are very indigestible.
 If despite all precautions your pet relapse, feel free to consult a veterinarian examine your pet and find more appropriate solutions.

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