Chihuahua training

Register your puppy Chihuahua puppy kindergarten classes. If you have a puppy Chihuahua, will help him registered in kindergarten due to his education foundations adequate interaction with other dogs. [65] as the Chihuahua can be quite friendly with other dogs, [66] and dealing with different types of dogs and are still puppies will allow her to more satisfaction with other dogs and friendly with her when she grows up.

Adult Chihuahua dog record among train obedience. Fit with your dog obedience classes of Chihuahua, which can be taught how to become a great dog good behavior. It will teach these classes how to follow basic commands (such as « sit, » « stay »), plus it will help him to get more satisfaction dealing with people or interact with other dogs. [67]
-Chihuahua dogs very smart and a fast learner. [68]
-llcioawa can be stubborn at times, so you have to have patience and firmness with it when your training. [69] 
-if not a practical option obedience classes for you, you can teach yourself how to sit, stay and come when you call them and lie down. You can also teach her to walk in the ring and belt installation without resistance.

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Trail your dog on errands out. Like other forms of training, training your dog to relieve himself outside the House is relatively easy. Take your dog outside frequently and regularly to learn not to use the toilet at home. [70] for example, Chihuahua Puppies should be left out after eating and after playing and after naps and bedtime. [71]
If your dog went to the bathroom in your home, clean up the mess without raising any problems. Just pointing out a mistake in answering here, but « never learns » dog oral physical punishment or go to the washroom. But will, instead, dog scared of you. [72]
Place your rules. If not trained well, Chihuahua may turn into a small risk. [73] therefore, in addition to the ranks of obedience, it is necessary to establish basic rules in your home to prevent your dog Chihuahua from becoming a tyrant JAMA. [74] for example, you can establish rules about where to sleep and how he must wait to eat his food.
Without rules, the Chihuahua dog is eating too much and become too demanding, [75] with no desire or motivation to act correctly.

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Make your dog Chihuahua socially. Proper socialization is essential to balcioawa care. So, should you raise your dog at a very early age to be socially – whenever younger when his upbringing, the greater the likely as the adult dog’s ability to socialize and interact. [76] you can, besides teaching your dog’s social skills in kindergarten and obedience, puppies make it socially yourself by making it is mixed with New people and new voices and views.
-Chihuahua dog tends to be cautious with strangers. When the offer to new people, let him start to interact – this will reduce the possibility of new people. [77] 
-when submitting your dog Chihuahua baby, don’t let the baby stacking or deal with it at first. Let the dog alone accustomed to approaching the child first, then let the child gently Petting and playing with him. [78]
-May frighten strange things Chihuahua. When you know the Chihuahua on something new in their environment, start putting it far enough up the dog feels safe but some make him feel curiosity, too. Slowly, never bring this thing to rest his college. [79]

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