Characteristics of Haski dogs

Haski dogs 
are a type of dog that resembles wolves in appearance. It is also the smartest dog species in Siberia. It was used to reindeer herds and also carried medium-sized loads for long distances, particularly in the winter. Degrees Celsius below zero, because the objects and strength of Haski dogs help them to walk in these difficult conditions and long distances.
Characteristics of Haski dogs
Haskellgames are beautiful dogs whose body covers a layer of soft and thick fur that has many colors, the most common ones are white and black, as well as a variety of colors, including red and copper. Their eyes are blue, yellow or brown, and their faces are striking. The weight of the male Haski dogs is between 20 and 27 kg, and the female weight is between 16 and 23 kg. The length of males is between 53 and 64 cm, females between 51 and 60 cm. Hair has an average length and falls almost twice in cm It depends on the climate you live in. If the weather is warm it may change its fur more than twice
Haski indoors
In most cases, it is not recommended to raise Haski in the house, but it may succeed if raised properly. She has thin hearts, she likes playing, she is smart and loves learning, and she is a dog that does not like loneliness. The owner is experienced, strong personality, and can be guided to raise it

Haski dogs have great energy and they need to exercise for 30-60 minutes so you do not feel bored.
If the haski dogs are raised indoors, the recommended amount of daily feeding is from one and a half to two cups of dry, high-quality food, which is divided into two meals. It is worth noting that these dogs are satisfied with the least amount of food. The food is relatively small, but the amount of food depends on its size.
Haski dogs are clean dogs by nature. They clean themselves, do not emit unpleasant odors, so they rarely need to shower. If they are raised at home, they prefer shampoo, which keeps the natural oils of the skin.

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