Best Hunting Dogs

Best Hunting Dogs

Bigle Dogs
Very much like the Beagle dogs, the American fox in his hardness and firmness, his energy and his love of the chase, and thus the icon of hounds, but the palace of the Calves dogs, is an obstacle and prevents them from pursuing the large prey, so this type of dogs is suitable for hunting small prey like rabbits. 1

Dogs Laberdor
For many researchers, Laberdor dogs are considered to be among the best hounds, especially in duck hunting, they are characterized by their ability to swim very well, and they have a fast ability to jump quickly to catch their prey, and the dog Laperdor can also hunt small animals Other than the pigeon and the quail. 2

Emery Dogs
This type of dog is also known as the « Grey Ghost « , because of its unique gray color, as well as a beautiful, graceful and noble breed, and is considered one of the best dogs in high bird hunting, to distinguish it with a strong nose and ability to move quickly, as this type of dogs is considered the best dogs that can be reared Her family, she is a good friend, obedient and well with children. 3

American Fooshund Dogs
This dog is ideal for hunting foxes and deer, where it is characterized by its ability to run quickly behind the prey, where these dogs run fast, calm and lightness, in addition to its ability to trace its prey through its scent, for many miles and different types of terrain, and its average size and adaptability, It also makes it one of the perfect dogs that can be acquired as pets at home. 4

Police dogs
The sniffer dogs are renowned for their strong sense of smell, so that they can keep track of the least amount of smell and follow them for long miles, and thus the sniffer dogs are the best hounds, and are characterized by their remarkable ability to hunt deer and wild pigs, and their amazing ability to discover and follow the path of smell, which Makes her a perfect companion to any hunter looking for a big prey.

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