Best Dogs

Is one of the types of mammals, of the species of dog breeds of meat, and known Bvihana, and called the best friend of man, because of the ability to remember the owner even after a long time, it must be noted that there are many different species and different breeds, such as dog fields, And the dog, and in this article we will introduce you to the best types of dogs.

Best Kinds of Dogs Best Kinds of Dogs for Children
Bulldogs are one of the English dogs of 12-16 cm, weighing 50-55 lbs. They are full of energy that decreases as they age, making them suitable for indoctrination, especially when children are present. From gentle dogs, loving.
Beagle dogs are a safe, flexible, and loving dog that regularly exercises. This requires monitoring the amount of food you consume to prevent weight gain, also known as child-loving dogs, and the presence of people. These dogs tend to play and play. New Land Land dogs Is one of the favorite dogs for children, native to Newfoundland, known for its sheer size, heavy black or brown coat, weighing 100-150 lbs, up to 25-29cm, and social dogs

Terrier dogs are one of the most suitable types of dogs for families, because of their softness. They are 20-24 cm long, and weigh about 45-80 lbs. They are easy to move. Bishon Freese is one of the most well-known and fun-loving dogs. Dogs are suitable for children as pets, since they are suitable for living in an apartment, but some activities must be done with them to avoid being bored, it must be noted that the average age of about 12-15 years.

Collie is one of the types of dogs known as Lacy, which is characterized by its intelligence, paper, and weighing up to 50-70 lbs, and the average age of 14-16 years. Vizla dogs is one of the types of dogs that live in the middle of the family, It has an average size of about 20-26 cm, an average length of 40-60 lbs, an average age of 12-15 years

The best types of guard dogs
The dog is one of the best guard dogs because of its quick attention, alertness, and waiting for any danger, its intelligence, and it is a dog that learns quickly, but it needs a good kind of training because of its sheer size and strong nature.

The most dangerous dog, because of his violent temperament, is used in military service, because of his easy training, and his ability to stop anyone in front of him, yet he is one of the most affectionate and loving dogs for their owners.

With children, he is fierce Paul Musteev is a hybrid dog made up of 40% of the Bulldog dog and 60% of the mastiff. It is characterized by its frightening appearance, with a height of up to 30 cm. Between 63-69 cm, while weighing up to 50-60kg, and also comes back to England

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