Best Dogs of the world

Dogs are considered to be mammals, the species of the Kalayat, and are characterized by its strength and versatility, and the possibility of benefiting from it in many areas, such as guarding, fun and hunting, as well as having many distinctive qualities, such as fulfillment, because of its ability to recognize On its owner, the ticket after a long time, in this article we will introduce you to the best dogs of the world.

Best Dogs of the world
German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherd Dogs are one of the best guard dogs in the world, so they are used extensively in guarding private property, homes, and cattle, because of their intelligence, strength, and high speed of learning, and have been used in police and military departments, due to their loyalty, and their great love for their owner.

Dobermann Dogs
This type of dog is characterized by its agility, its high speed, and the fulfillment of its owner, so it is used extensively in the guard, and it must be noted that he always feels distinguished from other types of dogs, in addition to his own pride.

Dogs of the Rose and deer
The dogs of the rose and deer are guard dogs by instinct, and instinct, known by their medium size to a rather large, and characterized by their sharp intelligence, and the need for special and distinctive treatment of their owner, because they may turn into fierce dogs if their owner mistrained, or treated.

Urine Dogs Mastin
The urine dogs are solid dogs, which enjoy their self-confidence, in addition to their ability to defend their owners, and the region in which they are located, because of their strong defensive instinct, their keen care of strangers, and their large size.

Rodescia Dogs
These dogs are traced back to South Africa, characterized by their intelligence, loyalty and agility, as well as the need for intensive training of experts, so beginners are not advised to raise them.

Urinary dogs
The urinary dogs are characterized by their thick fur, medium size, ease of education and training, due to their sharp intelligence, so they are usually used to guard property, such as homes, cars.

Comondor Dogs
This type resembles the urinary tract in its size, with its large size, its oblique color, which is due to Hungarian origins, and was used by the Russians in World War II to imprison German soldiers when they entered the houses.

Giant Dogs
This type of dog is calm, large, and love to stay next to the owner, as well as easy training and understanding of things, but it is advisable to raise it with another type of dog, because he prefers to live in a group not alone.

American Acita Dogs
This type is characterized by its large size, the difficulty of training it, and the fact that it is an attacking and fierce dogs, and is characterized by the elegance of its appearance, its strength and the head of the bear-like head, and it must be noted that it belongs to Japanese assets, but it is abundant in America, preferably this type living in the mountainous areas Cold.

Tossa Inoue Dogs
These dogs are traced back to Japan, characterized by their intelligence, the power of their jaw, their sheer size, their large head, and their strength, for this is used to guard homes.

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