A Chihuahua dog is one of the smallest dogs

Although a small Chihuahua but is strange and ferocious character, and its small size that made it easily adaptable in a variety of environments, including city or small apartments, and breed dogs Chihuahua her own charm and come in many varied webanwaa fur types, this type of Dogs competing in sports are characterized by lightness of movement and their obedience to orders.
Chihuahua dogs comes among the top ten dogs recommended by experts, it is quite popular because it doesn’t require a lot of care and exercise, and decided that having a dog of this breed you are lucky as they love dogs because their owners unusually and follows you everywhere in the House and you can carry it in your purse while m Shaoirk or going shopping.
History of Chihuahua Dogs:
As with many breeds of dogs chihuahua dogs origins are unclear, it is the oldest breed on the American continent, this name was given to the Mexican State, this breed was first brought to Europe by the famous Explorer Christopher Columbus during the 16th century, where he gained both B Chihuahua popular, this strain were used in religious ceremonies and the animals Top class pet.
Size and shape of a Chihuahua dog:

As for the size of dogs Chihuahua Faisal their height between 6-9 inches (15-23 cm), and weight between Faisal (1-3 lbs), and top dogs Chihuahua almost comes in the form of an Apple and have big ears, big eyes and short legs and thin, either on its tail is long and there are two types of fur Chihuahua dogs some fur is short and some long wavy fur.
Care of the Chihuahua dog and its health problems

Chihuahua dogs require a great deal of interest, they are very active dogs require a lot of walking daily to keep them in good health, and dogs should be Chihuahua fur clean it gently from time to time and regularly with a soft brush and should bathe this kind of dogs once or twice a month, and be Careful while I shower, you should not touch the water inside his ears so they don’t evolve.
Infection, and trim his nails regularly, either by the process of feeding it is advised to feed him some small snacks from one large meal fed daily, and must also know that dogs Chihuahua extremely sensitive cold area, so best not exposed to cold weather, and Nice in dogs Chihuahua they are one of the longest Youngest breeds where up to 16 years or more,
Also open to some health problems like hypoglycemia, eye problems, heart and teeth and gum’s complaints, and dogs Chihuahua prone to weak knees, where she might find difficulty in walking when they age.
Chihuahua dogs behavior:

Chihuahua dogs are now one of the world’s most popular breeds, these dogs are known for their small wallet dogs their size, despite that it is a good guard dogs, always find in alert, and sure of himself, and cute, and is one of the types of dogs that usually like to stay with one person. It may not be a good pet with family, especially with young children, they don’t accept strangers and barks a lot.
Chihuahua dogs also may be very affectionate dogs with their owners, and very quick to learn commands, easily trained to perform tricks they are smart dogs, Chihuahua dogs behavior comes from the most unique feature them they tend to dig into blankets or clothes to sleep, this can be dangerous. So the person sat on a bed or on the couch without checking for the dog, but believe that this behavior is due
Dog breeding Chihuahua as a pet:
Chihuahua dogs may not fit well to be pets, especially for young children because of their small size, and volatile temper and tendency to bite when frightened, it is advisable to be with children aged between the ages of school or even more to ensure the safety of your children.
Also, you should know that many dogs Chihuahua who pour their focus and dedication all on one person, sthey become overly jealous on that guy from the surrounding relations, but you can mitigate through proper socialization, Chihuahua dogs also tend to have a tribal nature, often the Dillon company dogs Chihuahua more than other types of dogs.

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