5 Surprising and Interesting Information about Pit bulls

Intense, bloody and violent are conditions which may have been used to describe the ditch bull. However more people and dog lovers taking them with track of 5% of all pups in the us being pit bulls, all of it appears to be a fable. Still with all the noise surrounding pit bulls, here are some interesting details of pit bulls you might actually not know


Long gone are the days that pit bulls are known as bloody dogs used for hunting, now they are so trusted that they are being used as nanny dogs to guard small children. With their gentleness and protective nature towards their owners known, ensure that the children they are left with are like their own. This in the end makes them care for the children, making them the perfect nannies for the children in the event a parent is preoccupied.


Unlike many other breeds of dogs that are known, pit bulls are one of the most trusting and will take a considerable short amount of time to accept you. However it is good to note that;

They are aggressive towards any other dog breed and need to be the only pet

If it is poorly trained it can be extremely vicious and aggressive

It will not attack any human unless threatened to do so.

This also basically means that it is loyal above all else and will make a great companion.


Although they are known to climb walls and stop any intruder coming into your compound, an interesting fact about pit bulls is that they are terrible guard dogs. This comes about as they are basically too trusting of humans and are likely to let all intruders walk by and pet them, instead of actually stopping them.


A known fact is that dogs will show you they are going to attack or cuddle next to you by their growl and body language. However never pit bulls. They can approach you silently and even have that innocent look, only to attack the very next second.


Another interesting fact about pit bulls is that they do not bite as hard as assumed. In fact the locking jaw mechanism is not true and anyone can escape from their jaws if one is smart. It is good to note the German shepherd will bite harder and is ranked first.

So do you need a pet dog pit- bull for your family or as a companion? If that is the case it’s advisable to steer clear from all the “so-called” detailed reports about pit bulls, as they will just make you not only dislike pit bulls but make you scared of them. Remembering that there are various breeds of pit bulls in the market, also go with an open mind to pick the very best.

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