4 Advice to make your dog Chihuahua happy

     Just like our own happiness, as a watchdog is very simple things.
Advice 1: meet the needs of your dog
Before your dog is completely fulfilled, you should be able to meet certain needs that are essential, as the primary (and obvious) needs: eating, drinking and sleeping. We will see in next few tips how to give your dog the best place to sleep and the best food to give him. 
In addition, your dog needs so-called ‘social’ to which you must respond. They are not so ‘obvious’ as the primary needs for many dog owners, and this is a pity. Indeed, your dog is a social animal,He needs to discover new things regularly and meet other friends dogs as often as possible.
Be sure to properly meet the social needs of your pooch, you walk outside you him every day for at least 30 minutes. Beware, this is not only the dogs living in apartments,This includes dogs with a garden. And Yes, your dog knows his garden by heart, he knows every nook and cranny and less odours, so you must offer him an olfactory stimulating and daily expense.I often tell people who come to me that even if they have a garden, requires that they act as if they lived in an apartment. When this is the case, it seems quite inconceivable to not go out at least twice a day our Doggie, and well when you have a garden, it should be the same.
Then, of course, your dog should be able to meet its congeners as regularly as possible and that each encounter is lived in a positive way. If you are not sure of the sociability of your dog, feel free to contact a dog behavioral trainer that will tell you more about the character of your dog.As well, for a successful meeting, it is preferable initially to focus on meetings of dogs of the opposite sex and similar template.
Finally, your dog needs so-called « safe ». Indeed, your dog should be able to feel safe at your side and for that, you must offer him a routine, a living environment and limits so that your dog has total confidence in you. I let you discover the whole of the next tips that will help you answer these security needs.
Advice 2: Devote time
This is not a dog story to have a dog. When you adopt a dog, you have the responsibility, is not just a toy to pleasure to the children or to keep you company. You you must, and you need him to take care of him. I am thinking of several dog owners: don’t hesitate to spend periods of activity individually in order to always strengthen your relationship with each of them.
 Advice 3: Learn to understand your dog 
It is essential to read his dog and understand his postures. Communication is key in a relationship and know you nothing (at least I hope!): dogs don’t talk. but he communicates in their own way with many postures and attitudes that are sometimes worth a thousand words. You to be able to decrypt them and act accordingly.
Advice 4: Just like, all
The last tip is probably the simplest, and yet the most important! But I guess he won’t ask you very little effort! You know, there is nothing worse than feeling too much or feel left out not it? And good for your dog the same thing. They will feel your annoyance or your excitement if that is the case.Remember that dogs are real sponges to emotion. A dog wants to be loved and that we take care of him. With all these tips, you ready to meet the needs of your dog and thus make him the dog the happiest whether! 

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