10 Celebrities Who Committed Serious Crimes

10. Snoop Dog

10.Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog – mitrofm.com

No surprisingly, the famous „bad-boy” namely Snoop Dog killed a guy around 1995. Luckily, he could get one of the best lawyer (Johnnie L.Cochrain), who could clarify the rapper under every judgements. It was never a secret, that Snoop did serious criminal activities during the 90’s years, but since than he lives a totally normal life. Recently, he could reach the top of his carieer and works with a pleanty of successful singers, such as Rihanna or Beyonce.

9. Tupac

Tupac – pinterest.com

Although, he was killed by five deadly shoots in 1996, 2Pac did unaccaptable things before that. To be more specific, he opened fire to at leat two police officers for unknown reasons. No need to say, that it had a really bad affect to his carieer. After his release the world considered him as a real rebel who did not agree with the current system. It seemed that everything is alright when he got murdered by an unknown enemy.

8. Aaron Hernandez

8.Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez – movietvtechgeeks.com

The world was shocked, when the great NFL player was sent to prison. Based on the judgements, he killed one of his best friend around 2013. The guy was found by the police officers at his home! Although, everyone was convinced that Hernandez is innocent, the event is still a mysterious secret. It is clearly visible that he is a violent and agressive person, but could he kill his best friend? Probably we will never know the correct answer to this question.

7. Halle Berry

7.Halle Berry
Halle Berry – deadline.com

Would you ever imagine that the beautiful and sexy actress almost killed someone? Surely, it happened accidantely, but it is still really weird! Halle Berry wanted to do a small plastic surgery on her friend’s head, but she did it wrong! Finally, the young „victim” survived the serious intervention, but probably will never forget that she almost died on that evening! As a consequence, the great actress asked for apologize, and she could get it!

6. Oliver Stone

6.Oliver Stone
Oliver stone – newsbusters.org

How unbelievable! The biggest movie producer in all over the world killed several people during an international duty! Stone was a young soldier in the American army and he was sent to the brutal Vietnamic war. He was also an important member of at least 24 helicopters attack, as well as in approximately eight quick assaults. Nowdays, he lives in Hollywood and release the greatest movie in every year, such as Alexander the Great or Castro in winter.

5. Amy Locaine

5.Amy Locaine
Amy Locaine – zimbio.com

is a successful American epizode and film actress. After a serious dispute among the family of her, she killed a sixty years old men and injuried her own husband. How scary! After the accident, Amy was sent to three years prison and she took it really badly. Despite of the judgement, a thousands of fans still denied the thing that she is a murder. Thanks for the punishment, Amy’s behaviour became totally normal and currently she belongs to one of the best celebrity category ever!

4. Lillo Brancato

4.Lillo Brancato
Lillo Brancato – nydailynews.com

You might have seen the great movie, Bronx Tale. Well, he played the role of the young poor guy and he worked together with Robert De Niro. Brancato was charged by murder on december 20, 2005. Based on the provements, he killed a police officer who was not in duty. Although, he is also injuried and was found wounded he was sent to lifetime prison. After a couple of years, the judge changed their decision and they sent him only to ten years prison.

3. Caitlyn Jenner

3.Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner – youtube.com

is a famous television celebrity who also won several championships. Caitlyn even received one golden medal in 1976, at a summer race. In february 2014, she suffered a serious car accident, where seven people died involivng the other car’s driver. It was totally understandable that Cathlyn was completely shocked by the happenings. Although, she did not hurt seriously, it took time for her to move on.

2. Rebecca Gayheart

2.Rebecca Gayheart
Rebecca Gayheart – searchweight.com

is also an acclaimed and well known american actress and TV personality. She became a movie star when she was a youth and she is still great! Unfortunately life is unpredictible…Rebecca hit an eight years boy with her own car and later he died by the accident. Although, she was totally innocent it was not her fault she could not accept the fact that she killed someone. Finally, Rebecca did not get any punishment but it will always be the worst moment in her life!

1. Laura Bush

1.Laura Bush
Laura Bush – nbcdfw.com

was born in Texan on november 4, 1946. Laura was worldwide a famous and successful model. She got into the same trouble as Rebecca. She was a young and beautiful schoolgirl, when she made a wrong decision. She got into her car without a driving license and she suffered a serious accident. The other driver who was also in his young ages was found dead inside of the car. She was released after one year trial, and continued her life with this tragical event.

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